Choosing Healthy Choices Of Daily Proteins

Choosing Healthy Choices Of Daily Proteins

Choosing right protein sources for your meals merits attention, and the main concern is to ensure that the proteins consumed are not high on saturated fats. Here are the top protein sources worth considering for your diet!

The various meats
Meats, anything from chicken, turkey and fish to beef and pork, are high on protein, but caution is advised since the fat content is likewise high. Health professionals suggest sticking to meat protein for twice or less a week, especially the red meats.

Soy products
The best thing about soy is its protein content and low levels of saturated fats. Soy products should be taken in moderation for those having thyroid problems, and choices include nuggets and baby soybeans. Asian markets have plenty of soy products, and canned versions are available in the West

Dairy products
Most dairy products are great sources of protein, but experts advise on moderation because of the high fat content. If you have the organic dairy and low fat products in the departmental store, make sure to stock them in the refrigerator.

Other sources
Legumes, lentils and beans are considered to be other significant and healthy sources of protein. Peas, nuts and most lentils are good enough to be taken moderately in everyday meals. Eggs (egg whites) are also good sources of protein, and the organic varieties are always the best bets.

With many protein food sources containing high amount of fats, the idea is to balance the quantity and quality of proteins, so that risks of cholesterol and high blood pressure are avoided.


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