Health Tech

Health Tech

With time, we are getting more addicted to unhealthy food. The technology is trying to play important role in it there are a lot of apps and software that promise to help you in staying healthier. Our cell phones, smart watches and fitness bands now have capability to measure and provide medical professional with a huge amount of health data. An open platform called Watson Health Cloud; the IT giant announced partnerships with Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Medtronic (MDT) to provide optimized, real-time, mobile apps that help patients manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes.  

This health technology comes in three main forms:

Apps – Software applications you download to your smartphone or tablet that monitor everything from weight to blood pressure

Sports watches – A more serious piece of kit than fitness bands, these are used mainly when training and keep track of things like average speeds and personal best times.

Fitness bands – Lightweight wristbands are worn all day and all night. They tell you how many steps you take, the number of hours you sleep, how far you travel and more.

So the question is can this health tech really make us healthier? Well, all this tech stuff sounds great but none of the techs can help us if we won’t change our habits. No doubt this stuff has amazing results but only if you stick to it and use it properly otherwise it won’t be much helpful.


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