25-40% Adolescents and Children in USA Experience Sleep Disorder

25-40% Adolescents and Children in USA Experience Sleep Disorder

However, about 25-40 percent of adolescents and kids in the USA experience sleep disorder, such medical conditions are usually overlooked, with no idea about how significant a good sleep is for a kid’s current and later-life physical and psychological health.
According to recently conducted study, children in US has to face some form of sleep disorders. However, it is a serious issue but due to lack of awareness, most of the parents ignore the reality that lack of night sleep can affect overall health of a child.

The new study reveals that the around 40 percent of children and teenagers are at risk of this problem. Usually when people think of sleep problems in kids, the first sorts likely to come in mind are nightmares, sleepwalking and night terrors. All these fall into a certain class of sleep problem or disorder called Parasomnia.

It is observed that about 6.5 percent of kids – especially those aged four to twelve years – face night terrors, explained as episodes of screaming, intense fear and falling during sleep. Study further says that about 3 percent of school-aged and preschool-aged kids experience horrible nightmares, while about 15 percent of kids aged 4-12 years usually sleepwalk.

Probably less associated with adolescents and kids are obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia. In fact, the inability to sleep or frequent awakening (insomnia) is analyzed to affect about 25 percent of teenagers and kids. When a person stops breathing relatively for a long period of time while asleep is called obstructive sleep apnea. It affects about 4 percent of kids in US.


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