Adolescent with Low Stress Resilience May Face CHD

Adolescent with Low Stress Resilience May Face CHD

Adolescents with low stress resilience are likely to develop heart disease more easily than the normal teenagers. They are likely to develop heart disease at later stage of their lives, a recent study suggests. The study is done using the psychological and medical data of plenty of Swedish men. Teenagers, who found themselves unable to deal with stress, are found coping with coronary heart disease in their later life years.

Looking for CHD (coronary heart disease) that sees a tapering of arteries to the human heart and could lead to heart attacks, in Swedish medical registers of the citizens born between 1952 and 56, the research noticed the following rates per on thousand individuals related with each stress-dealing profile:

• High resilience – 1.6
• Medium stress resilience – only 2.0
• And low resilience to tension or stress – 2.6 cases of CHD

Great physical fitness was also related with a lower coronary heart disease risk, the writer report, but it was “simply attenuated by lower level of stress resilience. Researchers conclude in the research published in one of the BMJ journals called Heart.

Low stress resilience in an adolescent was related with enhanced risk of coronary heart disease in middle-aged and could demolish the advantage of physical wellness.

Overall during 1987 to 2010, about 10,581 diagnoses of human heart disease were recognized on the famous Swedish National Patient Register. The Swedish Military Conscription Register has also been included to this study.

The scientists observed whether there’s any relation between heart problems rates as well as levels of tension resilience after managing for available heart risk symptoms or factors.


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