America's Best Dim Sum

America's Best Dim Sum

Any different type of food and we are always up for it? If this is what makes you excited then America’s dim sums are the exact thing for you. This Hong Kong delicacy is mouthwatering and equally ravishing. Everyone wants to have a bite of this savoring chicken veggie and deserves to be called as the perfect healthy breakfast for any person. But which are the places which will serve you with yummy dim sums?

Here are some of them:

1) Yank Sing, San Francisco
What one must not miss here are the signature Shanghai dumplings which are served along with minced Kurobuta pork (which is an elite Japanese protein) served with scallion, and ginger also steamed in its own aromatic broth.

2) Red Egg, New York City
It’s quite a modern restaurant where actually small plates are being made to be order. They have translucent dumplings also steamed rice rolls, and coconut pudding, sweet shrimp, are more menu staples.

3) The Church Key, Los Angeles
If Dim sums are what you all are looking out for then the church key is the right place for you. Here all meals are designed to begin with a complimentary bowl of nothing but truffle popcorn.

4) Hakkasan, Miami
If there is one place which is ruling the rules for Miami Beach’s sexiest restaurants then it would definitely be London’s Michelin-starred Hakkasan. One must absolutely try the steamed chive prawn dumplings, duck salad, and also the decadent scallop shu mai at

5)JS Chen's Dim Sum & BBQ, Plano, TX
People come here for the dim sum, any of its kind but when they look out for good dim sums, this is the right place. The beef fun roll is aptly named—paper-thin noodles as they are expertly rolled around mushrooms and BBQ beef.


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